Top 10 Best Selling Dual USB Powerbanks in India 2016

Dual USB power bank have a 5.0 V, 2.1 A dual USB output battery that allows you to charge your iPhone , tablet or smartphone together whenever extra power is needed. Just connect the backup battery to an iPhone or smartphone to continue calling , game playing , web surfing or movie watching. Max 2A input for much faster battery recharged.  The battery provides users with an additional 10 hrs of use on iPad and can fully charge a smartphone 5 times on a single charge. The battery features a 3 level LED battery level indicator so users are never left without power. Mostly designed for smartphones , and comes with more capacity 10400mAh ,18000mAh , 20000mAh , 22400mAh , 26000mAh . Dual USB powerbanks pros are 1 USB and 2 DC charge ports , high power capacity , includes built-in flashlight and a car jump starter adaptor , small and durable , Dual USB charge ports , 20+ charger adaptors for nearly universal charging .

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